About us

We are a 27 year old company that specializes in several areas in the computer field:
We provide consulting services to businesses and help them evaluate what sections of their company should be automated and propose steps to accomplish this task.
We offer several off-the-shelf packages we have developed over the years to assist in a quick move to better automation.
Some of the fields these packages address include:

  • Y Assistant YMCA management including participant tracking, program maintenance, billing, accounting and reporting.
  • Medical Assistant Medical Office Automation with Patient tracking, communication and electronic billing.
  • Client Management Client Tracking Services for non-profit agencies including goal setting, objectives and objective indicators, program management and extensive reporting.

We offer extensive data conversion services to convert any existing data into just about any format desired.

We will maintain, enhance, or even create software systems in a variety of languages and platforms.

Although are programming specialty deals primarily with VBA and MS Access, we have experience in dozens of other languages and systems.


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